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Oryx Gateway is an event-driven integration platform. It turns old and slow IT architectures into fast and agile digital ecosystems, empowering businesses to thrive in the modern era.

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Seamless App Integrations

The average company uses +100 applications, and managing this maze of connections can be overwhelmingly complex. By linking your apps directly to Oryx Gateway, we transform your ecosystem into a plug-and-play environment for every app.

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Improved Agility

Quickly adapt to changes in the market, going from product launches to adopting new technologies.

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Time & Cost Efficiency

Cut costs and save time across departments with access to real-time data, fast product launches, and efficient app integrations.

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Enhanced Reliability

Prevent any data inconsistencies and guarantee uninterrupted operations by decoupling data streams.

Intelligent Data Synchronisation

Every change in every app is meticulously captured and recorded in an event log in a standardised format. This log then intelligently notifies all other connected apps, ensuring timely updates.

Distributed Data Storage
Dynamic Scaling
Efficient Data Buffering

Application 1

A change is made and triggers an event


Oryx Gateway

The event is transformed into a standard format


Event Log

The event is captured and the event log checks which apps need to be updated


Oryx Gateway

The required info is transformed into app specific format.


Application 2

The app is updated

Smooth Transition

You can implement Oryx Gateway in parallel with your current operations. We map out your IT architecture, address dependencies, connect each app, and transition to Oryx Gateway once everything’s secured.


Transition phase 1


Transition phase 2


Transition phase 3

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