Oryx Gateway provides a Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) for telecommunications providers based on TM Forum OpenAPIs. Telecommunications providers often use 50 or more applications that require replication of data or tedious and inflexible integrations. TM Forum has defined a number standard interfaces to integrate these applications. The Oryx platform provides a number of tools that make the integration of applications using these API a lot easier and more intuitive. In the background these tools make use of modern cloud friendly applications

Our Products

Oryx EventHub

Oryx EventHub provides an essential component of every event-driven implementation of the TMForum Open API based on open-source components.

Oryx Catalogue

Oryx Catalogue provides a backend that implements storage and business logic and a web UI that consumes native TMF OpenAPI interfaces.

Standard implementation of TM Forum Features.

Oryx EventHub provides a generic implementation of the TMF hub concept
that can be used as part of the integration infrastructure of a service provider.
Oryx EventHub offers a solution for more than 1/3 TM Forum’s Open Apis.

Foundation component for modern cloud architecture.

Modern cloud technologies to achieve maximum scalability and performance
both on public and private cloud infrastructures.

Unlocking your full potential.

Oryx EventHub inherits the virtually unlimited horizontal scalability of Apache Kafka.
Our implementation is built around a Kafka cluster that stores notifications with
configurable long retention periods, increasing application performance through
unlimited caching capabilities.

Intuitive application integration.

Oryx EventHub and Catalogue facilitate integration between applications.
We remove the need to develop get interfaces with consistent search capabilities;
configuration only no development

Our roadmap

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